#61 i am not sweet as you say but if that the cases..thank you for your praised

owh just a blabber entry
u all know rite what currently
happened to my life
so i used to go back to my old friend
i opened my YM
and talked a lot with them

and i got a lot of new friends
and they all said i am sweet
in this picture

haha is it true??
of coz la not

owh its true that my friends said
if we luv someone
we never know thats other someone
luv us
and when it comes
we can't aspects anything
but to be glad they still luv us

apepun tu pic lama
pic baru xderk la
kamera xde
lau ade nnti tunjuk la
owh ye ni 1st time letak pic solo kat blog
malu la pulak

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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