#6 thank you to Allah

this post is not really an islamic post*sorry to upset amin*
the story begin here......................:

z sahak,adi,azpar,baha and me go to this place

i eat this burger*alhamdulillah*

then we go to ipoh parade

i bought this mouse,to increase performance*hehe*

then i urge z sahak to rush and drive very fast back to UTP coz....

the climax of the story begin here........:

i actually really HATE dance performance
and then i still go to this event
the reason is very clear why
it is because of HER
the one that i admired
i pray to Allah
is she going be there?
can i see her at least once?
am i going to meet her?

and Allah heard my prayer
and he,the most ALMIGHTY in this universe
the moment i walked into chancellor complex
i met her
*Alhamdulillah Ya Allah*

the moment i saw her
my heart becomes really happy
although i'm alone at that time

then during the performances
i pray once again to Allah
*Oh Allah,give me one more opportunity to see her,
although only one glance from far away*

i know i'm too selfish
and i don't deserve acceptance for that prayer
but Allah heard me,
my sincere heart
and then i met her again

and then i back to my room with full of happiness
until she came to my dream too :)
but don't worry
seperti analogi duranian
i can just only admired her
saya hanyelah bertepuk sebelah kaki


:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


wow!secreting admiriting
wujud ke word secreting admiriting tu?:p


ntah la
wujud ke ek???
nasib bek gurl tu xkenal aku


risau kot PCS
smpai tertido aku


aku tumpang gembira untuk kamil...


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