#70 blog status


will be back after all the buziness
go away and done

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#69 im not shortlisted but still im ok....hell yeah im ok..im not ok

hey intern
am i too bad
for u to choose me
when ur offer want to come to me
im getting tired waiting for u everyday
starting today
i dont care if i got u or not
coz im just tired to think about it

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#68 hati sorg stalker,sapela yg tau

im not real time stalker k
im just blogger stalker
but still
poeple mistaken
am i being dangerous
hey now its cyber time
dont take it wrong
if u do,just make ur blog private
i think its enough

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#67 my old times said, "i'm back world"

dont worry
coz my old times
he just a lazy boy
a simple boy
who doesnt care anything anymore
and he doesnt do anything dangerous
just he want freedom
and thats i want right now
im back

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#66 this week..its start with today

monday: class yg pack..hope xpengsan tgh jln sude
tuesday: viva voice + lab ke 4 cpdc
wednesday: etp seminar 4 + test COMSOL
thursday: last preparation + test PPD
friday: test CPDC + departure from UTP to UNIMAP,perlis
saturday: presentation Project ETP
sunday: departure to UTP..leh rest ke?

pastu coming next week
getting busier and busier
can i faced all of this
mulakan arimu dgn Bismillah
akhiri arimu dgn ~Amin~

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#65 big gratz to Paragon Guild for World First Kill Lich King 25man Heroic Mode

lama dh xmen wow
last skali tau2 lich king dh down
gratz Paragon Guild
look forward for more active guild like them
im just noob player
but im admired imba player

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#64 what a fascinating day is today...rasa nak hentak je kepala atas bantal(tido~~~)


bosan gile arini
mmg UTP ni membosankan ke lately
ke aku yg kebosanan
tido je la labu

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#63 lolz...makin hari makin noob jadinye..what happened???

xfhm lor what happened
aku men game
stiap hari klh

makin stdy makin penink

makin dimakan makin lapo

aku jadi abnormal lagi ke ni
what the heck!!!

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#62 my back in pain..the result of sudden active in the night..

last nite i went to play basketball
after 1 year or more
and i am noob >_<

i had done a lot of foul
i had played a lot of foul
everything is foul for me
but we had fun

the thing is my heart started in pain again
and it makes me almost faint
so i took rest and stop play
and i tried play slowly by play shooting ball

however after back to my room
i had to climb 120 staircase
and the results is
my back then in pain
until now
this munink
what the heck

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#61 i am not sweet as you say but if that the cases..thank you for your praised

owh just a blabber entry
u all know rite what currently
happened to my life
so i used to go back to my old friend
i opened my YM
and talked a lot with them

and i got a lot of new friends
and they all said i am sweet
in this picture

haha is it true??
of coz la not

owh its true that my friends said
if we luv someone
we never know thats other someone
luv us
and when it comes
we can't aspects anything
but to be glad they still luv us

apepun tu pic lama
pic baru xderk la
kamera xde
lau ade nnti tunjuk la
owh ye ni 1st time letak pic solo kat blog
malu la pulak

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#60 with the 60th post,i hereby declare to join venture with earth hour..

only 1 hour
lets off all the electricity
so guys dont ever msg n call me
during 8.30-9.30
coz everything wiil be offline for me

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#59 i fall in luv with her...long time ago since first time i met her

its her
my fav OST female singer
luv her song
luv her voice
so much,much
lets sing together

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#58 bite your mouth,scream in your heart

dh lama dh xde post bergambar
maybe later
right now bz dgn preparation
untuk presentation ETP
xtau la leh wat ke x
teamate meletakkan hrpn tinggi kat aku

i will do what i can
but still can started with anything
my mind become blur
and blank too

about her..im alredy forget her
and cont my life as usual
maybe bcoz of that
life is miserable a little
but i,myself is already miserable

gogo caiyok duranian
going to Perlis with one goal
no one will lose
if i done my best
but i will be a loser
if I never tried

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#57 i'm craving for improvement and what i got,a damper-bumper frustated

yesterday i got TP test 2
before this i only got 1/3 of 100%
so i wish i can increase my mark
coz my lecturer said
"what used of make markup test,if test 2 u also cant do it"

although my spirit burn up
but my body as usual is so lazy
and finally i started study at 9am
test at 5.30pm

i did the question about annulus
again n again
until i understand and know where my mistakes
and try to correct it
while watching Futurama

but it the end
im just laid down on my frends
so test tp
once again i cant do it right
but hope more than 1/3 this time
hope so

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#56 i started to look around and think,when am i growing??

i had been grow up
to became me rite now

yeah people at my age
start to think about works
and marriage while i just think
can i become a child again

when i asked the kids
do u want to be like us
they said,yes they are..
bcoz they think life as adult
everything is freedom
nope it sucks

i want to become a mature
last nite
my sis said im cute(is it true???)
of coz la not
she said i can have someone
but literally speaking
after i got work

haha so i need to wait 10year more
and at that time
i think i want to be like i am rite now
hope it never be like that
coz im enjoying my life

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#55 adoiya..my eyes started blur again

owh my old problem comes
waa i got a blur eyes since child
why..not because i stay up
it is coz im always got fever
have low antibody

and at the same time
i always lose balance
and the result
sudden fall down

thats why i am gayat now
coz i had fall down when i was small

thats not the problem
the problem now is my eyes

dont mistaken
u cry a lot doesnt affect ur eyes
i dont know why it blur again
last time when it blur
i used natural treatment and it works

so today i think sleep will help me
so sleepy again
let me sleep

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#54 please understand me..i'm just a simple and happy person..

owh its very hard to find
someone that fully understand urself
for me i found this problem
squezz and spleen
bcoz its becomes hard to get along

if we have same sex,
i think communication become easy
absolutely not..
if u r a frend....
what type of frend are looking down on their own frends?
if we have different sex,
of coz for me things become harder
i cant talk to woman ok!!

i think im a simple person
and happy-go-not really lucky all the time

is it wrong to calm down people
when they r stress??
if wrong,i want to go to another planet
bcoz this world has turned up
bcome inverted world

please tell me directly
dont hold ur feeling
tell me clearly
if im suck,tell me that
if im goddammit,tell me that
at least i know what people dont like about me

people make mistakes
if dont u are the human angel
but of coz it will never happened
for me everytime i made mistakes
but somehow i cant see it
so plis do tell me k

diff people got diff personality
if u want to be a true frend
we must accept our frend fully
thats the meaning of frend
if u want to hate me
i cant afford to hold u
but do tell me u hate me
then i will never exist in ur life again
to make thing become better for u

please understand me

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#53 so u too leave me..why?why?why?

merajuk dengan hujan
baru je td mintak jadi selimut nak tido mlm ni

skrg dh berhenti dh

huhu it shows me that
human feeling
anytime they can change

so that duranian
lets move on

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#52 the rain doesn't want to stop pouring...

owh hujan
ku benar2 bahagia
sbb ko la rahmat dari ALLAH
pada bumi Tronoh ni

tapi simbolik mu
tetap mempunyai maksud tersirat
yeah it shows the sad feeling of someone
and im too
being sad

first i need to present for my ETP project
seriously im a bad presenter
i dont know
where i need to find the courage
to succeed my team

then i dont know what happened
but it seems like a miscommunication happen
dont hate me
coz no one luv me
if nhate>>nluv
what person am i looks like??

moreover i need to finish up
a lot of task this week
stress??a little bit
but still to become matured
i need to encounter this

congratz to FAIZ FUDZAILI
sbb berjaya turun gelanggang futsal
play with us
next time,join again yea

i hope the rain will never stop pouring tonite
coz i need it as my sweet blanket
for my sleep
hope so >_<"

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#51 it crushes my hope

lol i went to CPDC class today
good for me :)

but i felt so stress
when the girls like to talk loudly
although there sit in front
never respect the lecturer in front

is this the behaviour that we want???

dont u embrassed in front the foreigner

my advise is--to myself also
lets say ur father or mother in front
n no one respect them
how do u felt?

so guys n gurls
respect our lecturer

btw tutorial PPD cancel
so sad
it crushes my hope

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#50 my courage comes here


today is my first time
going to PPD tutorial
this sem
already week 8 rite :)
PPD-process plant design subject
wish me gd luck

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#49 because tonite will be the nite that i will fall for you

i won't live to see another day
i swear it's true
because a girl like you is impossible to find
you're impossible to find

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#48 paranoid

im not on diet okeyh
dont think wrongly
im just reduce my addictness
to eat alot

so i tend to not eat rice
and eat something simple
but the fact is
my weight never want to go down

but its ok
the problem is it affect my nightlife
i cant never stay up until 3am anymore
the trick here
i will be sleep,the very late is 11 am

and today i slept at 10pm
and wake up at 12.30am
then i cant never sleep anymore
i got paranoid disease

is it curable?
of coz
so if i fasting tomorow
i will open it with rice..
if not,cannot..(hukuman)

lets study

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#47 she is coming soon

i heard she comes to UTP soon
who dont know her??
liyana from Estrella band
wow,this my chance to see her face to face
is it?
hurm im so bz
with ETP and tests

if have time
of coz i wanna go

but still need to extrude
the most important rite

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#46 cuakz

this post i write it after i play O2jam
owh i like music
but i dont have talent
so i tend to play game like this
to get the feel of playing piano
so fun!!!!

owh yeah
during my TP tutorial this morning
my frends got a rejected offer for their internship
and me?
i got nothing yet
waaa cuakz nye
for me,better they crush my hope
than giving me 0% hope

owh yea
some fun happened in the same time
everyone know Lady Ga-go rite
it becomes a big issues :P

in the same time
i read the news about our lated UTP frends
who got into accident
hope Allah save them-amin-
dont forget to help our muslim relatives
they r in needs rite now

and one embrassed tragedy happened
bcoz everyone spread out the FB link of that "lady"
i tend to read my frend's blog
and one of the blog,the post all is a simple,humor blog
and one of them,is a self-photo blog..cute and fotogenic lady
so i sent the pic of my frend that hold Patrick*spongebob*
and i write "cun x?","the pink one"
when he opened the link
the GA is behind him
and pop,the pic come out

hahaha everyone laughing include that GA
i dont do anything wrong rite?
it just his timing is wrong :P
the morale here
dont play2 inside COMSOL lab

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#45 opinion

sometimes when i opened up my FB
i tend to look at couples FB
ala u know rite when people write there
"in a relationship with"
and added their couple's name

i want to see
how much happy there are
as a couple

sometimes we can see that
their feeling towards their couples
is true,really pure
but as an experiences person :P
a lot of them
just want to have someone

yeah its true
before this
when i lost my first luv
i want to have someone
so that i can forget her
but in the end
i hurt that someone
i hurt myself
i hurt everything
is it worth??

and some people
want to couple
just it becomes a need rite now
r u idiot?
then we can see
a lot of new baby scattered around
the rubbish,river and dustbin
is it the needs that u want?

for me
if in messenger
i can talk a lot
but in front
just to face her face
i tend to run away
haha so loser
so only my first luv
i can fight with her
i can be with her
i always besides her
thats why although she already gone
the memories
still with me
-al fatihah-

my opinion
if u want just to play around
with girl/boy feeling
just use anime characters
but if u had this serious feeling
like myself rite now
pour it,and dont ever regret it
coz it is serious
and its hard to have it
if u get,u r lucky person and appreciate it
if dont,dont be upset,coz someone out there for u

dont be like me
a bigger loser
coz i never said it
but im already give up
and it makes me very sad
of missing her,my first luv

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#44 small achievement

haha its a laughable entry
what is duranian want to blabber about??
duranian has achievement?

maybe its small
but for me
im happy with it

i can finally talk
during topic master session
and without knowing
i take the longest time in that session
hehe so u know i like to talk :)

i finally have the courage
to ask someone that not familiar to help me
and..i asked in english conversation
of coz la my english turned up
like a wave..sinusoidal :)

our ETP prototype had been proved
can work like we want
and i got the chance
to submerged inside the biggest aquarium in UTP
proud rite :)

i just realize my dream
to hold myself to eat rice
haha its so hurt
if u r a monster eater
but i need to :)

how bout my achievements?
it is small rite
but for me
i glad at least
my day is better than yesterday
i hope so :)

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#43 the feeling about it

we human
have a feeling rite
thats why human is not perfect
but its the best creature in the world

how do u feel when u will be ignored??

i always be ignored by my frends
but its ok
since im always alone

1st situation:
u makes a joke
and u frends ignore it
no one laugh
how do u feel?

2nd situation:
u sent ur CV to some company
ur frend got reply
while u r not
how do u feel?

3rd situation:
u always go out with ur frends
but now u realize
he/she never invite u again
why it happened?
how do u feel?

4th situation:
u have someone u admired
and u try to approach her/him
but it the end
u just be ignored like a statue
how do u feel?

for all situation above
im sure u can feel the same way
the feeling of being ignored by people

am i ignorant person?
i dont know
if my frends said so
so maybe its true

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#42 realize

sometimes when we did something wrong
we cant see it with our naked eyes
so how we can know about it??

thats why we needs frend
to talk to us about our mistakes
and weakness

for example in class
i can accept any jokes
but somehow i will become angry
when people dont respect their lecturer in front

is it proper to make noises
while the lecturer want to teach us smthing
ok lets switch place
he becomes u
and u become lecturer

what will u feel
ur students make stupid sound and
talking while u want to give them knowledge
its annoying rite

for me
if my frend make a joke
inside the class
and it doesnt disturb the lecturer
i can accept that

am i a serious person?
not laa..
im just want us
at least respect our lecturer

can we change?
its up to u

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#41 i want to restart

but the rain want never stop
i want to cherish myself this morning
just be happy duranian

relaku menunggumu
seribu tahun lagi
tapi benarkah hidup
ku kan selama ini
biar berputar
utara selatan
ku tak putus harapan
sedia setia

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#40 pictures show everything

its ok
xyah faham pun xpe

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#39 a piece of heart

amaran : pos ni terlalu jiwang..maybe leh pengsan..sila tutup blog ni cpt2 kalau xnak pengsan..tq

owh last nite
maybe the saddest thing in my life happen
dont want to say anything

tq to z fauzan
we had shared a lot of secret together
and he also had calm me last nite
tq my frend

i dont cry ek
dont thing im too weak*although i am*
just in my imaginary world
i had to let her go
but not in my heart

i think this is first time
i had luv someone like this
and this is the first time
i luv someone while i can forget about my first luv

haha but Allah always fair to his slaves
maybe she is not for me
maybe she is for me
just rite now
i need to do what i must do

im annoying person
bcoz my life too empty
and im always feel alone
then i tend to talk a lot
but in the end
im just annoying

and it makes people around me stress
for me im so bad
making people stress
i just want people laughing
maybe my approached is wrong

am i stress
of coz i am
haha kalau x mana dtg migrain ni
but she had coloured my life
although just in short time
im very happy
just to have the opportunity
to know her and luv her from inside

when i stress and sad
i tend to eat a lot
i tend to sleep a lot
but alhamdulillah
i can control that

dont worry la
i got a lot of supportive frends
maybe in short time
i can just forget her

to end this entry
i just want to restate
this is the first time
i luv someone that much
maybe u can vomit
but its true

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#38 give up sometimes is better

our group ETP has done our prototype
congratz my teammate
just need to modify a little

owh our issues
give up
what does i had give up just now??

its not "her" that i give up

its about my intention to play guitar
just now i learnt it with zee
only 4 cord
cant be done
learnt song
not even 1 single strike
have beautiful melody
"doesnt has talent"

i thinking of give it last thought
coz i like music
and it amazing if i by myself
create that music
im jealous of u zee

its true
that sometimes
give up is better
but not for all cases

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#37 show time

one story :

adik : abg,abg amik course ape kat UTP?
duranian : chemical engineering..why?
adik : best x?
duranian : diff people diff thought..for me..yeah quite good
adik : eh..ok tq :)
duranian : wokeyh..how r u?

then the sms session stopped there
haha this my little naughty sistah
just sms me like that
i know u r focusing on ur SPM
good luck..

another story :

adi : asl ko ngatuk ni,xpernah tgk ko ngatuk dlm kelas??
kamil : aku kehilangan energy,aku xjumpa gurl tu arini..
adi : apekah,meh aku urut ko(sambil empuk blkg tekak aku)...
kamil : adei aku pose la arini
adi : bapak ar,meh aku blanje ko lunch(macam ni ke member,hak2)..

haha its true
for me
like an eating machine
i just can stop eating
gladly i still can hold my starveness

rite now nak prepare bukak pose
masak soup ayam segera
dengan roti gardinea
dengan air sarsi tawar..
jadila labu

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#36 now i know...

what i know

the feeling of missing
someone i really miss
it aches

is it hurt?
not really

but then
i become really don't care
about my surrounding

what is lecturer taught in front
what is my frends talked about

why im so down today
coz i never got chance to see her today
maybe Allah read my blog
and him,show me the truth

if it so
if its not

haha wateve
im just a loser
big,fat loser :P

owh yea
jom gi tgk ni....
i never miss TTS performance
wateve test or anything happen
i wanna,wanna go there*serious tone*
sape2 temankan ek

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#35 let me go,myself...

yakinkan aku tuhan
dia bukan milikku
biarkan waktu
hapus aku

say to me God
she's not mine
let the time
kill me

sadarkan aku tuhan
die bukan untukku
biarkan waktu
hapus aku

wake me up God
im not deserve to her
let the time
kill me
:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#34 students hate mondays

like others
i also hate mondays
for me as anak jati Pahang
every school start on Monday

Monday is the day
we want to collect back the study mood
when we throw away during last friday
but still it very hard

and when we got a long break
monday is the new beginning
after the break
and the recovery took
as much as how many days we spent
for hols

my motive???
today got class from 8-1,2-4
so pack >_<"
and still im not ready

owh but its ok
since i will
see her at 12pm today
where...from a far away
so my perfect month will start again too

ManUtd 2-1 Liverpool
congratz MU fans..
for Liverpool,try again later

for PCS presenters
good luck
sahut la cabaran Dr Sumanti
to got more than B

it was 3.40am
and i just wake up to eat
my dinner--roti telur
lets make it my breakfast
or sahur,so i can fast tomorrow
lets go to MonDay class

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#33 if that the cases.....

since mus brought car to UTP
i always back home and UTP with him
the fact is
i always reach at home safely

last week
some problem occur
when we reach at Bandar Baru Temerloh
the front mirror scattered
glad there is tinted plastic
but the bad is
we cant see anything

luckily,sat*not a real name*
used to drive that car at that time
and with calm mind
he drive slowly find the mechanic
and we found one

the process to replace took 2 hours
so we have to
look around that town
free tour at emergency time

and my mom always call
but i need to ignore it
my sis text me
but still i need to ignore it
to make them less worried
by thinking im slept

and then the hours become late
so i just replied
im overslept :P

and when the car reach at Kuantan
then i simply text something happened
but im already at Kuantan

if something happened to you
if that the cases....
i thought i need to solve it first
before tell my parents
how about you???

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#32 the amazing sunday

today is SUNday
but actually
today is little bit cold
start from subuh-raining
middle day-less hot
and during evening-breezy
so lucky

and the amazing part
i can finally play futsal
after more than weeks
so glad

although always play foul
but we plays with fun
not serius*kadang2 ada yg men seyes*

today gak ade match EPL

my frends want to go
i dont know
going or not
still thinking

it will be a secret
so decide!!!
dont want to go

*so she finally reach at UTP safely,so glad*

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#31 hairan betul

aku dh cuba sedaya upaya
tapi pelik jugak

asl bilik aku ttp bersepah
letih la nak kemas balik >_<"
again n again

nak biar sepah ke??
nnti malaikat xnak singgah pulak

kalau la alat DOraeMon tu wujud :P


ape nak wat ni..

*still waiting her back to UTP*

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#30 statement

derita merinduimu
itu bahagia
aku pilih derita

but then....
ia sangat derita


:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#29 tired

sori my groupie assignment econ
at the middle lasnite
i cant control anymore
and then i go to "tido mati"
tu la dh ckp
jgn wat kat blk aku
cnfirm2 ada je hlngan

smlm skali lagi
CJ7 gi mkn ramai2
kat Salbila
dh lama xmkn besar
so orderla
nasi putih
telur dadar

then paw sikit
udang baha
sotong adi
sup cendawan z

owh bhgianye dapat makan
eating is essential

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#28 update again

just now
my first time go to
at pengkalan,perak

walk around
window shopping
and finally get my things :

others >_<"

tragedy happened there
in front of my eyes
when some electrical things
collapse on one of the workers
and he bled so bad
his shirt cover by blood
woot ngerinye..
luckily,he safe..

so friends
safety first
shopping second


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