#13 i got sickness

just a simple entry >_<"
btw i go back at Saturday
and i already got my TP test 1 back
its not that i really shocked about my result
but it really shocked about my friend result

so i want to do better for my other test
but my body doesn't move like i want it to
so for CPDC test 1
i also kantoi

and then,i got my sickness
people!!!don't call me genius!!!
i'm not genius k
it really get me upset
n stress

it really rare to see me stress
and this is the effect of my inner stress
  • i got headache,long headache
  • i tend to sleep although i'm not that sleepy
  • i cant think rationally
  • my hand itching too much
  • others
the most thing i hate is that headache
it really hurt
i cant think of anything
i cant do anything
although i'm sleeping
i still can feel the headache
and cant go sleep as a sleep

guys don't let me down >_<"
or else u will lose me
as ur friend
u know what i meant........

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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