#44 small achievement

haha its a laughable entry
what is duranian want to blabber about??
duranian has achievement?

maybe its small
but for me
im happy with it

i can finally talk
during topic master session
and without knowing
i take the longest time in that session
hehe so u know i like to talk :)

i finally have the courage
to ask someone that not familiar to help me
and..i asked in english conversation
of coz la my english turned up
like a wave..sinusoidal :)

our ETP prototype had been proved
can work like we want
and i got the chance
to submerged inside the biggest aquarium in UTP
proud rite :)

i just realize my dream
to hold myself to eat rice
haha its so hurt
if u r a monster eater
but i need to :)

how bout my achievements?
it is small rite
but for me
i glad at least
my day is better than yesterday
i hope so :)

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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