#10 i'm so proud today

this is my beloved mother
today is her anniversary birthday
n today my mom is 59 years old
why i'm so proud??
i had become the first one who wish my mother's birthday
no one can beat me
coz i had waited from lastnite (midnite 12 am)
until this morning just to wish her
i hope my mom will be very happy

  • i hope ma sentiasa sihat selalu..
  • i hope ma sentiasa happy selalu..
  • semoga panjang umur
  • semoga murah rezeki
  • i hope ma will be happy to have me
  • i hope she will be appreciate everyday
and others wishes.....

i hope my siblings will make her happy too today
don't worry because mom happiness
is our happiness too..

i luv u so much mom >_<"

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


selamat hari jadi mok cik....=)


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