#54 please understand me..i'm just a simple and happy person..

owh its very hard to find
someone that fully understand urself
for me i found this problem
squezz and spleen
bcoz its becomes hard to get along

if we have same sex,
i think communication become easy
absolutely not..
if u r a frend....
what type of frend are looking down on their own frends?
if we have different sex,
of coz for me things become harder
i cant talk to woman ok!!

i think im a simple person
and happy-go-not really lucky all the time

is it wrong to calm down people
when they r stress??
if wrong,i want to go to another planet
bcoz this world has turned up
bcome inverted world

please tell me directly
dont hold ur feeling
tell me clearly
if im suck,tell me that
if im goddammit,tell me that
at least i know what people dont like about me

people make mistakes
if dont u are the human angel
but of coz it will never happened
for me everytime i made mistakes
but somehow i cant see it
so plis do tell me k

diff people got diff personality
if u want to be a true frend
we must accept our frend fully
thats the meaning of frend
if u want to hate me
i cant afford to hold u
but do tell me u hate me
then i will never exist in ur life again
to make thing become better for u

please understand me

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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