#129 my addiction continue...

i currently on the stage
of falling in luv with idol
and this time korean idol
T-ara leader,Han Eunjung

so right now at 4.43am
i still cant sleep
coz im trying to download
as much as possible
her picture
to be my wallpaper

at right now too
i am at Soompi forum
on T-ara thread
on page 30 out of 250
there is a lot to go
and hope for a lot of picture

i never be happy like this b4

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#128 the haunted blog..ye~~~ so scared..

have u ever
go to some unknown blog
without knowing who is the writer??

of coz u had
but for my cases
i had visit one of haunted blog

geez is it really haunted???
maybe it is only my hallucination
the story begin here.......

because im so bored
im just clicking any blog
and view it,read it
if the post something extraordinary
i will comment on it post
and then i reach at one blog(secret to tell)
it somehow a photoblog and had a quite number of pic

the face of the writer in the picture is very shinning
she smiles a lot and yet i dont know that
something might happened
when i comment,she replied it

and after three days after her last update
i becomes curious because she doesnt post
any new entry
what happened to her??

the climax begin here...
i do reply one comment
"where r u going??why there is no new post nowadays??"
after an hour,i got reply comment
"i think i cant blogging anymore"
then im so upset coz her blog is really nice

after that i tried view again her older post
coz im afraid she will close her blog
and then i realize all the photo
had slightly change
all the smile gone or in other words
it is fake smile

and tomorrow the new entry comes
her brother write it on her behalf
and said the owner is dead
2 days before

geez im half dead at that time
somehow the blog became scary
i read it and he said that
her sister suffered cancer
and it is on her last stage
i felt very shocked
because there is not even one post she said about it
and before that her pic still smile
like she never had one

a week after that,her blog officially closed
the thing i had scared at most is the comment
who reply that comment
coz that was the day she dead
so guys i advise u all
dont opened up stranger blogger just like that
and lets pray for her
Al Fatihah

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#127 everyday is a mother's day

she is the one
from our childhood
until now
not even one second
she can forget about us
yet always think a lot bout us
always pray a lot for us
always take care of us

and she is the great woman we ever have
her sacrifice never can be repaid
her smile is so priceless

and yes i luv my mom so much
and i miss her too
till now what i have done
to make my mom feel happy??

of course just being her son
she is happy
but then i want to make her more happy
i dont have money to make her happy
but i have courage and myself

thanks to the Almighty Allah
give me the best mom ever in my life
she never priotize herself because of her children
is the most important to her
and her love for us is never ending

and while she still alive
lets us appreciate her so,so much
dont be regret when one day
u can never see her smiley face ever again

mom happy mother day

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#126 shabu-shabu journey begin here

due to adi spirit
i join him and azpar
go to shabu2
i think it almost popular place
for UTP student
so b4 we going to intern
we want try first this place

because our driver dont know the way
to that place although just the day before he went
so i used tenet and search from google maps
luckily i know the way to there
and by gamble, we start our journey

this journey seyesly very dangerous
azpar just dont know where and when to slow
for me im cool but think about it
not only us in hurry
so i get mad again and again

puff we arrived at that place without lost
thanks to me as the pilot =)
however we dont get the table
need to wait about 20 min i think
that we got our table there

so everyone is blur
what to do?
what to eat?
so based on nafsu
we took everything
everything and just put it on our tomyam
seem yummy but after that
everyone is stuffed with weird seefood
and i myself who knows as king eater
give up after accidentally eat toufu(i hate it very much)
so to cover up

i went to eat ice cream
luckily it get rid of the taste of toufu
than we cont eating
although we are at our limit
and seyesly,i felt like im pregnant 3 month
mual,muntah,xsedap perut
all i felt at the same time

luckily i got icecream
so i covered up using ice cream
fun,sure fun
but i think there is no next time for me
i gave up there
this method is awful
coz after that i felt hungry when reach at UTP again

however i felt realize
this is what people called shabu2
its great but for me it sux a lot

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#125 my new addiction..back off loser!!!

this is my new addiction
my gtalk pic status
my ym pic status
and yet my computer pic
and my fb pic
and everything is default
by this pic
so loser dont ask
why her???
because it is obvious
she is damn cute =)

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#124 i will consider it again

i went to ipoh
to watch ironman 2
with mus,sap and adi

we directly went to JJ
in this case Jaya Jusco
and our first place is cinema
to buy ticket
gladly ticket still there
and we decide to watch it at 7.20pm

after that we go take a walk
and the story began here
adi is a shopaholic!!!!
sorry to say
but i think i had walked with a girl who like shopping a lot

omg it is so tired
i will consider again
to say to my gf
that i willing to company her
to go to shopping
it is really tired man

i will be more happy
to "eyes shopping"
than "window shopping"
actually mg leg always want to cramp

however i had seen 1 little girl
which is so cute
damn cute
wtf,she is so cute
what happened to her DNA to make her so cute

i felt so angry
she is so cute...ok done here
damnit i just can see her just for 4-6 min
im not lucky enough i think

so we went to watch again
and my user comment is:-
this film is so epic
wth with his graphic
however the fight is too soon
if make it any longer
the rating will be 10.01/10

then we straight head back to UTP
because im too tired
im just wake up
when reach at safeguard

nice one
but seyesly
i hate shopping
except "eyes shopping"

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#123 4.00pm to 6.00am

what happened at this time yesterday???

im just sleep
am i ever woke up?

yes but i dont realize it

so im just sleep
for more than 12 hours

this is my first time
waaaa =(

xmo wat lagi :P

seyes xmo wat lagi

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#122 Chemical Assesement is the champion

yesterday we got CPL2010 tournament
and i joined my previous team which called
chemical assesement team
back during im living at village 1

our match is really intense
our first match with the nerds
and they got dr nurul at their side
however we got a win
so our confident had rised up

but once again the faramel had crushed us
we lost one game to team faramel
and the we rise up our spirit
and win the others game to pejambubeh,
jogantan, and oreo..
so overall 4 win and 1 lost...

[ CPL2010 ]
[ Chemical Assesement ]

this is the list of team:-
chemical assesement ; nash(c),syazwan,amin,sap diah,adi,zakwan,kamil =)
the nerds ; hapis(c),nijey,mayak,acab,dr nurul,azpar,kerol
oreo ; ayik(c),fahmi,beliau,azhari,abu and lah
pejambubeh ; lipan(c),sap atan,aseng,sapik,mus,faidhah,zaquan and faiz
faramel ; sami(c),atif,amr,abu ghaly,raj and hamzah
jogantan ; pokjak(c),amin,jahar,nuar,amir,lukman and paan
refereee ; zaki and din
cameraman ; nipi and acab
penonton ; awek azhari and awek kerol =)

so that was a nice memory
before we all go to internship next sem
goodbye my friends and see u again

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#121 UFO???what is my opinion???

during our journey to ipoh
with azpar and adi
we got one topic to discuss
which is related to some movies
that we r currently watch
which is The Fourth Kind

the fact is......
is this story really happened??
or in other hand...
is this story also fake-humanmade only???

for me
in my opinion
ghost is not exist
but syaitan,iblis and jin yeah
there are for real
and they exist exactly

but UFO...out of range exactly
if Neil Armstrong go to the moon
already people said is fake..
how come UFO can be true??

maybe im not islamic enough
but why ulama' doesnt tell us
there is another creature besides human,
angel,demon exist in this universe
based on Al-Quran

exactly we need to refer back to our kitab
which is Al-Quran
our Prophet once has been taken
by Jibrail to operate his heart
this is not "abduction"
but this is Allah order
who can deny it???

btw this is my opinion
maybe some people has another opinion
but at last it comes back to our creator
Allah s.w.t.

so my conclusion
UFO i think doesnt exist
but if people said it is one of Jin technology
maybe there is some related to it =)

just my thought with my friends

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#120 i do crazy i think

after thought about it
for a long time
then i decide to buy it

this is!!!!

the thing that i want
bigger screen monitor

i'm so happy
coz it works
and satisfied me a lot

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#119 CPL2010 is coming

CPL fever now is here
the last match before going to intern
hope our CJ7 party is going to be great
and now we introduce legendary
"Chemical Assesement team"
back from village 1

come support us
at sport complex,

dont forget to catch picture a lot
especially for me =P

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#118 you are lazy smart guy

who dont know what it is today?
especially ChemeJan07
today is the interview day
for TP=Transport Phenomena
subject to improve our coursework mark

i know today is coming
but yet i dont do anything
any effort is worthless
i end up sleep on my bed
like nothing happened

am i perform on this subject
of coz not
but still i dont have that effort
in other way
im so lazy,the laziest person in this chem batch
i think so

so during interview today
without hesitation
i register as the 9th person
so early and yet im felt so nervous

so during the interview :-
DNH : assalamualaikum,how are you?
D : wslm, im fine sir. Sir i want to tell you i dont have enough 28 solution. This is all i have.
DNH : its ok, i know already you are lazy smart guy...

so the interview go along
and with confident i try to increase my mark
and tq to Dr Nurul Hassan
because give me chance
and understand me ( as a lazy person )
and he also gives me a lot of advices

so dont be lazy2
final around the corner
lets start now

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#117 i'm over doing it =P

yesterday the last class of PCS
and today i got my feedback
as expected,i am at that grade person
but its ok
it made me realize what i need to improve

owh yeah
yesterday too i had became
as strict as Dr Sumathi
know what, all my friends said
i took a longer time for organizer evaluator

sorry my friends
i dont meant to provoke or anything
just my eyes is the judges type of eyes =P
it is human nature
i had become as honest as i can

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#116 being compromise is not worth

officially i had sent my confirmation letter
and i will intern at PJ-petaling jaya
and i discover that
im the only one at that company yet
what i need to do rite now..

i dont got any lisence yet
and i do got transport but still not confirm
the best thing is this my first time
living in this gigantic city
i hope i got courage living there

what the hell is my title about???
owh today i had seen her again
the one i admire
but still in my mind i hate her
and yet i still heppy
heppy heppy cat
but then i think

why i being like this??
there is another person for me
and yet i dont know
what the think that worth for me...
but the think that i know
being compromise doesnt worth a little

especially when i play dota
and there is 2 noob in my team
what can i do???huhu


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#115 the last challenge is here

i think today
is my last day
officially on this subject
called as PCS
and today too
i become the first time
and the last time evaluator
so scared

can i be as strict as Dr Sumathi
or i just be myself and give comment unbearable
hehe..just some provokotion
i do know how to evaluate people
but i dont know how to said it
lets see what happened today
just be as normal as i am

to all presenter today..
gd luck..since this is our final class
dont be shy to perform
hehe as usual i will ask killer question

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#114 imaginary world can only be imagined

due to some stiffness
and sleepy thought
i came with 1 opinion
what r u imagined,
is it from ur heart
or just from ur thought?

children, we said that they are so pure
but back then when i was a children
i can see my sister fight
my parents fight
and all the bad thing
and i think this is the thing i will face later on

what i was imagined when i was a child
the funny thing is
i want a younger sister
seyesly at that time i felt so lonely
being a youngest of 12 siblings
simply to say it is the best
but hard to say, i felt alone all the time
i felt jealous to someone that got
younger brother and sistah

but up to now
i dont know how much
younger sister i got
just adopt one not a real one

and sometime when i got punished to much
i start to imagine
is that i belong to this family
have u ever imagined this???
but as the time running and i become thoughtful enough
being an adult is not easy as u can see when u r still small

how about u imagined u got some extra power
haha this is funny
back then when i was a child
one nite i felt i am floating
i thought i got super power
but the truth is
i got disturbed by some unwanted thing
and to avoid the same thing happened
i slept on the bed with been gated by Suratul Yassin
and got a "pusaka" stuff under my pillow

but today children mentality is damaging a lot
what can i say
the world rite now is too open
how come 8 years old kids
know already about sex stuff
thats why im scared of being married
and having a child

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#113 this is happened

suprisingly this is my 113th entry
and when i see this number
i remember back on 2002
when i was at form 1
at MRSM Muadzam Shah
and that number is my room number
back there...

back there im so weak at beginning
people mistaken me with my rumie
what happened???
he had been bullied during orientation day
and he reported it to the teacher
and quit the school
all the students said im that little guy
coz i look unhappy all the time

of coz lor first time at unknown place
how can i survive if i dont know
anyone there... seyesly im so sad
but by the time goes
im become one of the most
naughty form 1 student
always got punishment

and the most best thing at that time
i got adopt sister
who said to be most feminine gurl
at that school at that time
all my friends jeles at me
included some teacher :P
also during form 2
but now.. i got no one as gf :(

haha forget it
my life back there is really happening
i dont want to go back at that time
coz let it be what it supposed to be
so i can be myself today and so on

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#112 nightmare!?

everyone has a nightmare
am i rite?
of coz im right
i dont just assume im right

so lets me tell you one of my experience
of course it hard to believe
it is yours to decide

when we saw something
unknown or in malay word "benda ghaib"
or ghost or whateve
we tend to feel afraid
me too like that

because i never see the exact one
and i just experience it
it doesnot show that im over brave

ok2 lets start the story
one night i cant sleep
i try to sleep but i cant
nah, its ok
i just used internet but then when time goes
im felt bored

so i lay down on the bed
wait for my eyes closed
suddenly my breath feel heavy
something had lay on me
but i cant see
im my mind im just can pray to god

after sometime it got away
i felt so scared
my home is in haunted area
but my mom said it is protected

after minutes i heard dog bark randomly
what the hell
i shut down my laptop
and try to sleep
something hit the roof
waaa (im cried inside)
what the hell going on

because the sound too strong
my brother woke up and asked me
what happened?
i told i dont know
then he sleep again

because im so scared
im just acting sleep
and the most scared thing come
something hit my foot
and it is so cold~~~~~
owh my god

after that, i never sleep after 3.00am
or if i did,it is because i watch football with my dad
basically this type of nightmare
maybe hallucination???
if it does,why my brother also heard that sound???
it is your to decide to believe or not


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#111 dedek scammed me..oh no!!!

yesterday is very boring
yeah boring
im just at my room
play games
hear song
do report
i had just done my last test for this sem
let me rest for awhile ok?

owh this person dedek
how dare she scammed me
haha i know she never read my blog
if she did, serve u right,hehe..

dedek, she want to marry to my friends
and the conversation become longer
as she want to scam me
and i attack her back
because we both the youngest in our family
this is really fun
thank yeah dedek

when im in tensionity
friends is where the place to pour it out
also it is indirectly
but it is enough
thanx again dedek

sampai mati aku panggil ko dedek
hahahahaha(evil laugh)

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