#118 you are lazy smart guy

who dont know what it is today?
especially ChemeJan07
today is the interview day
for TP=Transport Phenomena
subject to improve our coursework mark

i know today is coming
but yet i dont do anything
any effort is worthless
i end up sleep on my bed
like nothing happened

am i perform on this subject
of coz not
but still i dont have that effort
in other way
im so lazy,the laziest person in this chem batch
i think so

so during interview today
without hesitation
i register as the 9th person
so early and yet im felt so nervous

so during the interview :-
DNH : assalamualaikum,how are you?
D : wslm, im fine sir. Sir i want to tell you i dont have enough 28 solution. This is all i have.
DNH : its ok, i know already you are lazy smart guy...

so the interview go along
and with confident i try to increase my mark
and tq to Dr Nurul Hassan
because give me chance
and understand me ( as a lazy person )
and he also gives me a lot of advices

so dont be lazy2
final around the corner
lets start now

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


i know you earn a lot.. hehe.. best2~


he is damn cool =)


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