#126 shabu-shabu journey begin here

due to adi spirit
i join him and azpar
go to shabu2
i think it almost popular place
for UTP student
so b4 we going to intern
we want try first this place

because our driver dont know the way
to that place although just the day before he went
so i used tenet and search from google maps
luckily i know the way to there
and by gamble, we start our journey

this journey seyesly very dangerous
azpar just dont know where and when to slow
for me im cool but think about it
not only us in hurry
so i get mad again and again

puff we arrived at that place without lost
thanks to me as the pilot =)
however we dont get the table
need to wait about 20 min i think
that we got our table there

so everyone is blur
what to do?
what to eat?
so based on nafsu
we took everything
everything and just put it on our tomyam
seem yummy but after that
everyone is stuffed with weird seefood
and i myself who knows as king eater
give up after accidentally eat toufu(i hate it very much)
so to cover up

i went to eat ice cream
luckily it get rid of the taste of toufu
than we cont eating
although we are at our limit
and seyesly,i felt like im pregnant 3 month
mual,muntah,xsedap perut
all i felt at the same time

luckily i got icecream
so i covered up using ice cream
fun,sure fun
but i think there is no next time for me
i gave up there
this method is awful
coz after that i felt hungry when reach at UTP again

however i felt realize
this is what people called shabu2
its great but for me it sux a lot

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


kena tempah meja dulu baru selamat...


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