#111 dedek scammed me..oh no!!!

yesterday is very boring
yeah boring
im just at my room
play games
hear song
do report
i had just done my last test for this sem
let me rest for awhile ok?

owh this person dedek
how dare she scammed me
haha i know she never read my blog
if she did, serve u right,hehe..

dedek, she want to marry to my friends
and the conversation become longer
as she want to scam me
and i attack her back
because we both the youngest in our family
this is really fun
thank yeah dedek

when im in tensionity
friends is where the place to pour it out
also it is indirectly
but it is enough
thanx again dedek

sampai mati aku panggil ko dedek
hahahahaha(evil laugh)

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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