#128 the haunted blog..ye~~~ so scared..

have u ever
go to some unknown blog
without knowing who is the writer??

of coz u had
but for my cases
i had visit one of haunted blog

geez is it really haunted???
maybe it is only my hallucination
the story begin here.......

because im so bored
im just clicking any blog
and view it,read it
if the post something extraordinary
i will comment on it post
and then i reach at one blog(secret to tell)
it somehow a photoblog and had a quite number of pic

the face of the writer in the picture is very shinning
she smiles a lot and yet i dont know that
something might happened
when i comment,she replied it

and after three days after her last update
i becomes curious because she doesnt post
any new entry
what happened to her??

the climax begin here...
i do reply one comment
"where r u going??why there is no new post nowadays??"
after an hour,i got reply comment
"i think i cant blogging anymore"
then im so upset coz her blog is really nice

after that i tried view again her older post
coz im afraid she will close her blog
and then i realize all the photo
had slightly change
all the smile gone or in other words
it is fake smile

and tomorrow the new entry comes
her brother write it on her behalf
and said the owner is dead
2 days before

geez im half dead at that time
somehow the blog became scary
i read it and he said that
her sister suffered cancer
and it is on her last stage
i felt very shocked
because there is not even one post she said about it
and before that her pic still smile
like she never had one

a week after that,her blog officially closed
the thing i had scared at most is the comment
who reply that comment
coz that was the day she dead
so guys i advise u all
dont opened up stranger blogger just like that
and lets pray for her
Al Fatihah

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


nasihat aku, benda pelik jangan tegur~


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