#113 this is happened

suprisingly this is my 113th entry
and when i see this number
i remember back on 2002
when i was at form 1
at MRSM Muadzam Shah
and that number is my room number
back there...

back there im so weak at beginning
people mistaken me with my rumie
what happened???
he had been bullied during orientation day
and he reported it to the teacher
and quit the school
all the students said im that little guy
coz i look unhappy all the time

of coz lor first time at unknown place
how can i survive if i dont know
anyone there... seyesly im so sad
but by the time goes
im become one of the most
naughty form 1 student
always got punishment

and the most best thing at that time
i got adopt sister
who said to be most feminine gurl
at that school at that time
all my friends jeles at me
included some teacher :P
also during form 2
but now.. i got no one as gf :(

haha forget it
my life back there is really happening
i dont want to go back at that time
coz let it be what it supposed to be
so i can be myself today and so on

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::



siyes ke
cm x caya pun ade ni.hehehe


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