#124 i will consider it again

i went to ipoh
to watch ironman 2
with mus,sap and adi

we directly went to JJ
in this case Jaya Jusco
and our first place is cinema
to buy ticket
gladly ticket still there
and we decide to watch it at 7.20pm

after that we go take a walk
and the story began here
adi is a shopaholic!!!!
sorry to say
but i think i had walked with a girl who like shopping a lot

omg it is so tired
i will consider again
to say to my gf
that i willing to company her
to go to shopping
it is really tired man

i will be more happy
to "eyes shopping"
than "window shopping"
actually mg leg always want to cramp

however i had seen 1 little girl
which is so cute
damn cute
wtf,she is so cute
what happened to her DNA to make her so cute

i felt so angry
she is so cute...ok done here
damnit i just can see her just for 4-6 min
im not lucky enough i think

so we went to watch again
and my user comment is:-
this film is so epic
wth with his graphic
however the fight is too soon
if make it any longer
the rating will be 10.01/10

then we straight head back to UTP
because im too tired
im just wake up
when reach at safeguard

nice one
but seyesly
i hate shopping
except "eyes shopping"

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::




ni la kawan, pergi tak ajak


" adi is a shopaholic!!!! "
kelakar2..... (^_^)


amin : peh,loser ar amin...ajak2 xnak ikut
nuar : aku gi pun tmpg org nuar...
nash : suh...jgn smpai kantoi dgn adi,haha


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