#127 everyday is a mother's day

she is the one
from our childhood
until now
not even one second
she can forget about us
yet always think a lot bout us
always pray a lot for us
always take care of us

and she is the great woman we ever have
her sacrifice never can be repaid
her smile is so priceless

and yes i luv my mom so much
and i miss her too
till now what i have done
to make my mom feel happy??

of course just being her son
she is happy
but then i want to make her more happy
i dont have money to make her happy
but i have courage and myself

thanks to the Almighty Allah
give me the best mom ever in my life
she never priotize herself because of her children
is the most important to her
and her love for us is never ending

and while she still alive
lets us appreciate her so,so much
dont be regret when one day
u can never see her smiley face ever again

mom happy mother day

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