#121 UFO???what is my opinion???

during our journey to ipoh
with azpar and adi
we got one topic to discuss
which is related to some movies
that we r currently watch
which is The Fourth Kind

the fact is......
is this story really happened??
or in other hand...
is this story also fake-humanmade only???

for me
in my opinion
ghost is not exist
but syaitan,iblis and jin yeah
there are for real
and they exist exactly

but UFO...out of range exactly
if Neil Armstrong go to the moon
already people said is fake..
how come UFO can be true??

maybe im not islamic enough
but why ulama' doesnt tell us
there is another creature besides human,
angel,demon exist in this universe
based on Al-Quran

exactly we need to refer back to our kitab
which is Al-Quran
our Prophet once has been taken
by Jibrail to operate his heart
this is not "abduction"
but this is Allah order
who can deny it???

btw this is my opinion
maybe some people has another opinion
but at last it comes back to our creator
Allah s.w.t.

so my conclusion
UFO i think doesnt exist
but if people said it is one of Jin technology
maybe there is some related to it =)

just my thought with my friends

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