#122 Chemical Assesement is the champion

yesterday we got CPL2010 tournament
and i joined my previous team which called
chemical assesement team
back during im living at village 1

our match is really intense
our first match with the nerds
and they got dr nurul at their side
however we got a win
so our confident had rised up

but once again the faramel had crushed us
we lost one game to team faramel
and the we rise up our spirit
and win the others game to pejambubeh,
jogantan, and oreo..
so overall 4 win and 1 lost...

[ CPL2010 ]
[ Chemical Assesement ]

this is the list of team:-
chemical assesement ; nash(c),syazwan,amin,sap diah,adi,zakwan,kamil =)
the nerds ; hapis(c),nijey,mayak,acab,dr nurul,azpar,kerol
oreo ; ayik(c),fahmi,beliau,azhari,abu and lah
pejambubeh ; lipan(c),sap atan,aseng,sapik,mus,faidhah,zaquan and faiz
faramel ; sami(c),atif,amr,abu ghaly,raj and hamzah
jogantan ; pokjak(c),amin,jahar,nuar,amir,lukman and paan
refereee ; zaki and din
cameraman ; nipi and acab
penonton ; awek azhari and awek kerol =)

so that was a nice memory
before we all go to internship next sem
goodbye my friends and see u again

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