#112 nightmare!?

everyone has a nightmare
am i rite?
of coz im right
i dont just assume im right

so lets me tell you one of my experience
of course it hard to believe
it is yours to decide

when we saw something
unknown or in malay word "benda ghaib"
or ghost or whateve
we tend to feel afraid
me too like that

because i never see the exact one
and i just experience it
it doesnot show that im over brave

ok2 lets start the story
one night i cant sleep
i try to sleep but i cant
nah, its ok
i just used internet but then when time goes
im felt bored

so i lay down on the bed
wait for my eyes closed
suddenly my breath feel heavy
something had lay on me
but i cant see
im my mind im just can pray to god

after sometime it got away
i felt so scared
my home is in haunted area
but my mom said it is protected

after minutes i heard dog bark randomly
what the hell
i shut down my laptop
and try to sleep
something hit the roof
waaa (im cried inside)
what the hell going on

because the sound too strong
my brother woke up and asked me
what happened?
i told i dont know
then he sleep again

because im so scared
im just acting sleep
and the most scared thing come
something hit my foot
and it is so cold~~~~~
owh my god

after that, i never sleep after 3.00am
or if i did,it is because i watch football with my dad
basically this type of nightmare
maybe hallucination???
if it does,why my brother also heard that sound???
it is your to decide to believe or not


:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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