#116 being compromise is not worth

officially i had sent my confirmation letter
and i will intern at PJ-petaling jaya
and i discover that
im the only one at that company yet
what i need to do rite now..

i dont got any lisence yet
and i do got transport but still not confirm
the best thing is this my first time
living in this gigantic city
i hope i got courage living there

what the hell is my title about???
owh today i had seen her again
the one i admire
but still in my mind i hate her
and yet i still heppy
heppy heppy cat
but then i think

why i being like this??
there is another person for me
and yet i dont know
what the think that worth for me...
but the think that i know
being compromise doesnt worth a little

especially when i play dota
and there is 2 noob in my team
what can i do???huhu


:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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