#110 workload is loaded

after get some heat
and endless courage
i started to be better
which i meant
i start clean up my room
entirely of coz
but sure not more than 1 hour
everything back to normal
haha it cant be avoided

but i had done
my responsibility
how about u???

then i used to format my laptop
coz suddenly everything comes wrong
and no even touch it
my lappy is hang
what da.. so rite now i used Win7
so glad can use it again

so workload ha
of coz is it
and it repay
when i can drink air buah this nite
tq to syaz who bring me outside UTP
lets sleep


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#109 everyone's comment

it has everywhere
in facebook
in friendster
and others places
but in gtalk???
only UTP student do that

yesterday we CJ7 got TP test
and this is their comment
TP=tekanan perasaan
TP=terlalu payah
TP=tak pandai
TP=terlalu panjang
TP=tidak prikemanusian
TP=terlalu pelik
TP=tak paham
TP=the punisher
and others comment
its a lot

but for me
TP=tension pulak
haha why???
coz test 1 mark i got less
and i think this test 3 i got lesser
just hope interview will go well

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#108 i wont give up

haha this is just rubbish post
when i said rubbish
i meant it!!!
last 2 days i play DOTA a lot
and amazingly i lost all the game
i had played
i dont know why
it is just like
i become sudden NOOB
xperform lgsg

so when i meant it
i want to win!!!!
so i need to do something
lets start now!

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#107 last resort for last time

for TP test tomorrow
i declare that
i will just study
just study
and sleep tonite early
so that tomorow
i will wake up early
and then i will study back
and then i go to the test
i answer the question
and then...
no more test for this sem

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#106 finally somebody want me

haha its not about love affair
its about my internship
as MARA scholarship student
i found its so hard to get intern
at OPU company
and the bias is really make me headache
i need to find other OPU company

and luckily
yesterday i got offer from J&J Sdn Bhd company
thank god
actually i got 1 more choice
at pasir gudang
but people said life cost really high
and actually i dont have lisence
thats the thing im really worried rite now

but its ok
during internship if i got free time
i will go take my lisence
hope so
owh yea officially i intern at KL
so lets hang out during weekend :)

about somebody want me???
lets it be a s e c r e t
im a shy person :P

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#105 past, present and future

situation in the past:-
i hate her
i dont want to see her
yet im still miss her
and yet i want to see her
it really painful
coz it was one sided only
and it always be liked that
can i have
some sort of what it called it

situation during present:-
before this
she gives me courage for PCS
and now during last presentation
im stand on my own
and i know how the feeling was
it is totally different
but then u know how i suddenly become energetic
coz during my presentation
i can see her sit in that class
is that ghost???
nvm it is over

situation in the future:-
physiologically said
no one know what happened in the future
but yet just now
i have met some guy [ im not gay ]
in my dream and asked me
if i give u a gf rite now,what will u do???
i answer that, i will luv her
he asked me again, r u sure u will luv her
or it just to fullfill your heart desire?
i start to numb and answer
can u give me my first luv again?
and then he said, no one can escape from death
either you or anyone else
if u ever luv someone truly
ask her to marry you
not to become your lover
because the true love is never exist between human
it is just desire or in malay word, nafsu
and i ask him again
what i know was
good girl is for good boy and bad girl is for bad boy
and he said its true
but dont be afraid
if u r still alive,u still got chance to change urself
become a good boy
i suddenly feel so sad and woke up
what a tough dream
yet i dont know what happened to me in the future

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#104 semalam


aku membawa mu pergi

dalam hiba

aku menangisi

mengapa kini

engkau kembali

setelah detik itu

aku lupakan

sebak dadaku

engkau ubati

tapi hati ini

tidak lagi seperti dulu

hilang gelap gelita

dalam kesepian yang nyata

ku mohon padamu

pergila dikau

pada rembulan

katakan aku

tidak lagi seperti dulu


aku dan duniaku

bersatu dalam kalbu

menghadapi duniaku yang baru

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#103 derita hati yang hilang

Awan membayu di bawa angin

langit biru terbentang megah

gerhana bulan kian menyeri

tidur malamku yang kian sepi

pohon melambai angin membelai

daun berguguran jatuh ke tanah

burung berkicauan bernyanyi riang

menanti senja terbenam di awanan

seorang tua di teratak usang

menunggu wajah dan bayang-bayang

kian menanti sesuatu yang hilang

kian menghitung hari mendatang

air mata jatuh bergenang

hujan turun menemani keperitan

dia melihat ke kiri dan ke kanan

manusia sudah hilang pedoman

sampai bilakah dunia akan bertahan

apakah pedoman di masa akan datang

waktu dan detik kian menghilang

pernahkah terfikir duhai insan?

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#102 what happened if i'm not exist???

this question really tough
and yet i,myself dont know the answer
but i do know what happened
if im alive
and then later im dead
everyone will experience it later
just know suddenly i felt like the death come to me
it was really scary
the feeling of death
thank god the most thing i remember that time is HIM
it was now...but what happened later??
i hope i will ever stay in this path

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#101 i am overcooked

is this possible???
what i want to tell here
im so lazy
got 3 test this week
when i will become hardwork again
currently stdy cpdc
hope can do it this evening
thank god


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#100 my sources of happiness

my teachers said
in this world
everyone is laughing
include me of coz
and it is one of good habit
for humankind
what i want to tell here
for my 100th post anniversary
who are my sources of happiness lately???

bcoz i dont have pic
it is just a list :)

  1. my parents
  2. my first luv
  3. my siblings
  4. my pet @ comot
  5. myself
  6. my friends
  7. my games
  8. manga
  9. my cartoon
  10. anyone???
here is my list
without i realize it
there only 9 type of sources that i got
so little
but it worth
really worth

lets finish this year happily

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#99 the experience,tragedy and miscommunication

so what you will do next???

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#98 3 days in a row

last thursday i become the first presenter
omg i was really make me panic
i try and try to be calm
but unfortunately i was not
so my presentation is obviously crash
but still i had done my best

so then i went to see our mantan PM
dr Mahathir with his talk,vision beyond 2020
what im gonna conclude about his talk
he is awesome at his age rite now
still im respect him the most

yesterday i got two test in a row
i got shocked in early morning
my frend said i got replacement test on the evening
what da...
of coz im not prepared
but still it better than i got zero
then in the nite
done 1 more test
but still also it an open note
i cant do anything

today is saturday
and it really an useless day for me
i just sleep
and sleep
and sleep
and sleep
till i take my lunch
inside my dream
what da???

lets continue sleep
mana tau tiba2 leh beriadah dlm dream


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#97 i realize what i need to be

during unstoppable training last nite
from 2am-4am
i still cant managed to reduce my presentation time
which is 12 min
haha so long so good
but not a creepy presentation

it is persuasive presentation!!!
and i the first presenter of today
what da.....

about my decision last entry
im apologize of being so rude
everyone have their own thought
i need to respect others
coz im not the only one
who exists in this world

so my decision
lets do my best today
and also improve in the future
so i can be who i want to be

and gd luck to me today
hope i can deliver well
and finish it by the time given


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#96 dilemma situation

yesterday i fall into one situation
i need to decide between
PCS class and Lab presentation

my group
3 of us got PCS class
2 of us dont but still
we got to present lab at 9 am
same time with PCS class

we sent emergency mail to lecturer
but then she scolded us
how professionalism she want us to become?

at first i hate PCS class because she is too strict
and then i start to enjoy PCS class
but what happened yesterday
make me so upset
without consideration she deduct our mark
although we still come to her class
and become the audience

as a student...which one we need to prioritize?
attend as an audience or coursework mark?
i think we had take our responsibility by informed her
she likes to be disturbed during holiday??
if do, we will inform her early
but still we respect our lecturer

what the things she is not satisfied
that day presentation or us??

i do agreed that this is also our mistake
because this miscommunication happened
without us realize it
when this is happened
who want to be blame for?

just as an adult
why need to become ____
because u r superior
if all adult like that
we r as teenagers will be like u
and if ur son come into dilemma like us had faced
u will know what happened next..

this post is an angry post
but then Allah still the most powerful one
he knows better than us
and he hate people who cant control their anger
so then i forgot this damn day
and start doing my ECON project

Alhamdulillah i had finished my ECON
and PCS slide
this coming thursday
i just go present and then i dont think i want to go to that class again
coz the enjoyment that i had felt had been diminished fully yesterday

gd luck who are participating in EDX25

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#95 today is the greatest monday ever

i woke up at morning
remember my membe ask for futsal
but everyone is sleeping
so i followed them

at 8 am i woke up again
wanna do my task
a lot
PCS slide
Lab slide
Lab compiler

i spent whole day doing that thing
but still rite now
PCS slide doesnt done yet

but i need to rehearse for lab presentation tomorow
and today first time i went to FAMILY restaurant
driven by ahseng
and the rating i will give is 4.3/5.0

and today
first time play futsal at 5.00pm
basically if i went at 5.30pm
it will start at 6.00pm

btw tonite we go to Al-Quds to eat
our beloved nasi lemak there
although need to wait for 1 and more hour
but still it worth me a lot

rite now focus on finishing
slide PCS
hope can be done by tonite
hope so

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#94 i wish i can see her again

who is her?
just someone that i dont know
and will never know
coz i want to know
but the thing is,how to know her
she never knows me
how can we know each other
lets just skip this part

yesterday i play futsal
but suddenly the rain is pouring
all my housemate runaway
but still i want to play more
so i play during the rain
and the result i got fever

omg my head is really heavy
i cant think of anything
then my friends invite to go
for simple outing at Batu Gajah
owh..this is a chance
to see her again

so i follow them
and when reach at Shell
i got shocked
there is a pretty lady at that counter
luckily this car is straight to the counter
the best thing is
my fever is gone

she is my cure
omg,im so lucky i have been in that car
at that time
but my focus is at batu gajah
so then we cont our journey
and when reach near that shop

the shop is closed
demit..haha..but still my fever is cured
thank you to the lady back there
so focus on searching the ball
still dont get it
we go to TF mart wateve at BG

i dont buy anything
just take a few photo
and make people around think
"is this boy is crazy????"

then we went to nasi lemak ayam golek
once again unfortunately
ayam golek is out-of-stock
so just eat a simple dish
then went back to UTP

dont know how to conclude that day
lucky or unlucky?

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#93 simple and sweet

yesterday is really a long day
im done wateve i dont want
but the thing i want
still dont done yet

tomorow got prensentation lab
lab report doesnt finish yet
assignment econ doesnt start yet
PCS???never want to think anymore
haha..PPD test this coming friday
will kill my brain and bloodstream
hope i will never get zero

what da...
lucky today is holiday
i dont no what to do
works is a lot
but to start with???there is no enough spirit

hope everything will be done today
want to go for windows shopping
at facebook...:P

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#92 ouch!my eyes aching

no one is perfect
and nobody can claim that
me too
im not sure why
but i think i know my weakness
that cant be changed

my bone on my chest
growth abnormally
thats why i cant exercise
more than i could
but thank god
im still here

the thing is
with my eyes
my eyes is too small
is it hard to see?
no..i can see thing clearly

if i try to sleep
more than i need
my eyes aching
it start to blur
and i cant opened my eyes

haha thats meant
i want to cont my journey
in my dream world
gd munink world
and gd nite again

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#91 what a lousy day 2

i followed z to eat outside after jumaat
with baha together 3 of us go to batu gajah
during journey we decide to go to marybrown

searching for parking
is really hard
especially that shop is at high jam road
what da..

so turn around
turn around
we found somewhere near to park
so i tried and played with parking machine

so we walked to the shop
and order
what da...
it is really expensive
the thing i confused is
6.59 + 2.60 = 10.20???
what da...

ada gak aku mintak bankrap kedai ni
the best thing always happened when we upset
baha accidentally go to one of cloth shop
he said want to look for a bag
and then i saw one beautiful lady
sit while reading a novel

she is so beautiful
but then coz im too shy
i only take one glance n walk out from the shop
i dont want to look again
but still she really beautiful

of coz..life is too short
where as will i see
such a beautiful ladies
in my own life
thank God

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#90 what a lousy day

i woke up at 3 am
need some idea for PCS
coz b4 12pm,i need to submit
the outline


dapat la satu topik
xsure accepted or not
just hope it will

owh my group doesnt have
opportunity to enter EDX
but its ok
our project still the best
congratz ETP29

i ended up going jumaat late
and what da im shocked
there are a lot ppl late than me
first time khutbah is very short
next time,need to beware

today just do my outline
play PES
and sleepy2

erm nak wat pe ek mlm ni?
intern xdpt lagi ni


:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#89 bite me!!!

im full
coz just ate

but unfortunately
im short of idea
what to do
with my PCS presentation

i dont got title yet
the prob are
need to find something to persuade people
and then need to have credibility
what da!!!

what i need to do??
where can i find any idea

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#88 i want to protest!!!

what the...
why u cut tree here
u dont know utp is really hot
why dont u just cut that forest
and make a new parking lot to utp student

i dont know which is the truth
utp is for learning
or utp is for corporate used

but whateve it is
just plis dont cut the tree around hostel
hot hot hot hot hot hot
they become our protector
for exceed CO2 and from the heavy sunlight

if u wish to cut too
just build a sideway with roof
all around UTP
can u?

"just a simple protest for our mother nature"

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#87 i tried to calm but..

yesterday is very tough day
coz i got ETP presentation
actually the presentation is really simple
but its depends on the judges
like my sv said,oral presentation depend on luck
if u r lucky enough,u win
if not,u r unlucky

enough with that
yesterday im so emotional
at evening,i ask my friends play futsal
some of them replied me
some of them doesnt really
what the hell happened is
i want to play at 8
coz im afraid the court is full

when i done and want to go
no one change their cloth
and i keep waiting n waiting
this type of people
if dont want to go
just said
i went to play alone

if i cant control my angry
i just throw the ball on their head :P
but still when im angry
i try to "selawat" alot
and it help me to calm down

however bcoz still im not perfect
im just go alone and leave all my friends
lucky there are some of my PE friends played
and i joined them

the problem is with this people
if we said 8.00
they come at 8.30
or if they are true malay
they come at 9.00
im tired to deal with this type of people

next time i will never ask them anymore
and if they can become a jerk
why not me?
so that they know
how jerk i can be :)
i tried to calm
but still,im just a normal person

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#86 i laugh outside,i cry inside

anyone got fb account right?
and sometimes the status is really2 lovely
and a lots of idiom used to show
how we feel rite now

what the matter with this title?
am i too "jiwang"?

sometimes people get upset
but no one knows
who can satisfied ourselves?
is it our friend?
our boy/girl friend?
or our family?

no no no
of course the only one is ourselves
but for me
yeah im cheerful person
just im not satisfied?
how far i contribute to my friends?
i dont have anything
i dont have anything
i dont have anything

i have 0% contribution to my friends
its really make me upset

how about i cry inside
obviously because im jealous
when see couple around me
i remember to my first luv
if she still alive...........
i dont know how happy i am rite now

but its ok
all of us have our happiness and sadness
and its normal
but we can change it
coz we r the one who can change the world

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#85 shut up people..i am tired..

this is not an emo entry
just people arguing with me
"lets enjoy our life"

but for me
"lets appreciate our life"

if we used simple example
70 year compare to long lasting
which one is longer?

of course long lasting
similarly to our life
the oldest age can we go is about 60-70
and after we died
we need to live in the graveyard
till doomsday come
but when?
only ALLAH know when it is

im not a strong-religious person
but lets appreciate our live
enjoy can,but still there is limit to it
at least,when we want to do something prohibited
just think
when we will die?

if we die when doing that such thing
we can never go back in time
that why for me
i used to at least
didnt leave pray everyday
hope so

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#84 a scene of memory of 2010

congratz ETP29
we had done our best
lets finish the last part
and then celebrate our achievement
-great memory of the year-

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#83 as simple as that

if A=B
and B=C+D
so D=??
can C=D?
or D=A?

the answer is really2 simple
find out the answer because
it is really simple
simple right??

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#82 small little thing..but it still worth my time...

last night i dream of my primary school
and after a long time
i see "her" again
OMG,im so happy and at the same time
i felt i wanna cry
i miss her so much
and currently due to my busyness
i tend to forget her by the time passed by

who is her???
just my first luv
who never exist in this world anymore

argh,i just a dreamt
but at least i can see her in my own dream
maybe everyne think it is just a small little thingy
but for me,im so glad coz i dont have a piece of her picture
so sad..so unlucky...
hopefully she happy there

owh last nite i went to TTS show
teater bangsawan,tuah hang jebat
why the tittle tuah hang jebat
i though they will change the current plot story of hang tuah
but with upset mind,they are no change at all
but seriously TTS is doing so,so,so great
congratz TTS team
do ur best in the next performance,INSYAALLAH...

so geez
lets go to the class again
back to the academy schedule

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#81 seriously..do i care???

currently this is my life status rite now
do i care???
about what??
lets go to discussion part

rite now im busying myself
by playing the most popular MMORPG
in the world
World Of Warcraft
am i addicted???

i still have my life
but somehow people said
"ala jom la men dota,bila2 leh men wow"
"oh pasni xkuar bilik la ko"
"i dont want to be addicted"
"hish aku mana la reti men bnda ni"

so do i care??
of course im not
people can say anything
but for me
what i want to do,i did really well
what i will gain
its nothing but at least a little experiences

and for me
im not addicted
and i also dont run out from my life schedule
just want to spent some valuable time with my frends
before go to intern next sem

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#80 the simulation of ghost,youtube and ICON

adi,sapik and i
go to block 5 level 2 room 13
at 8.20am
to finish our group assigment
of PPD using an ICON software

we walked to go there
and otw, we discuss about ghost
yeah hell yeah
im so scared but i tend to talk a lot about that
and when we reach at dark part
my body will shimmy :P

and adi said no one brave enough to walk there
at the forest of the center of academy pentagon block
but to reduce our scareness
im just reply
we're level 1
they level 26
of coz we need to be afraid

the question is just as simple as ABCXYZ
but the answer is just as complicated as me
so to answer that
we just used the data in internet
and a lot of assumptions
and a lot of comedy to reduce our tension

by watching youtube
haha,academy block can watch youtube
so we open some MV at first
because the block is so empty and silent
so scared~~~~
and at last everyone open their own channel

and for me,i more interact
to watch pro plays in tournament
of DOta and WoW
after finish my PFD drawing
i focused on video that adi opened
and seriously
what the hell that man talking about?

but still it is really funny
and "flip"
lamp goes out
at 12am
and our project still otw
faster and faster
we had able to finish b4 2.00am

coz im always push my team
im hungry
the room is so hot
my stomach sing a song

after that we went to SELASIH
to take our late,late dinner
gladly im not the one who hungry

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#79 i'm done..seriously i'm done...

after taking my second test
of engineering economy
my friends request back
the availability of online server
of World of Warcraft

what is that???
just online server

so i got to study back
how to make wow server public
so that i can play with my friends
the most pain part is
i forgot already how to setup

with spirit and strength that i got
i study back all the method
and the current method
then discuss with my rumate who also play the game

everything about C++
source coding
and its not my range of study
as result
i take 3 days and 3 night to finish it

and now it finish
and i think i can also be like a pro
in some forum who tell everyone
that noobies for how to create the server

although for everyone
it is a waste of time
but for me
i'm so glad
of learning a new thing
and i put a courage on it
lets play

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::

#78 ENVEX final part : i'm so glad

4 April 2010,Sunday

wake up
take my bath
packing my cloth
prepare for final day

still in room
call rudy for emergency
dont have transport to go to the hall

depart to exhibition hall
with rudy's car

reach at hall
[ before going to the booth ]
prepare our booth
take our breakfast
[ 1MALAYSIA spirit ]
then continue for free exhibiton

[ take some boring picture ]
as always~~~

everybody busy
preparation for closing ceremony
[ so simple preparation rite :P ]
but me..
im busy watching scary,horror korean muvi
hehe for my thought
i think i dont win anything

my stomach aches
[ cover my stomach while taking pic :) ]
damn it
the only toilet there is full alredy
so i cant attend closing ceremony
and just stay at booth

closing ceremony start
our vvip is deputy minister of whateve..
after talk n speech
prize giving ceremony begin
start with bronze medal
our team name doesnt come out
so with frust mode
i go sit back at my chair
and then silver medal i heard acab name come out
[ Acab with our silver medal ]
and i tear happily
our workload had been paid
my senior from UNIMAP doesnt stop congratz me
tq all
we won silver medal
and it more than worth
as results
UTP won 2 gold,3 silver and 1 bronze
and 1 best performance award.
congratulationz to all ENVEX participants

our transit has comes
so prepare to clear up our booth
people bz with picture taking
but im busying to pack faster
so that we can go back early

we go back to the hostel
to take our things
and check out
and immediately go back to UTP

officially depart from UNIMAP
after saying goodbye to rudy
in journey
im just sleeping of tiredness

we reach at UTP
im so happy coz im just think of my bed n my blanket
enough of ENVEX,i need to think of EDX then
so tired this course
but then
it still worth


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#77 ENVEX part 2 : please don't condemn our project

3 April 2010,Saturday

i woke up
bas available at 8.00
get ready
while taking my bath,practise present
mommy,im so afraid

walk to front gate to take bus
need 5-7min to walk,so far :(
when reach there,bus already full
lucky it got enough sit for four of us

reach at hall
go do the final preparation
set up the booth nicely

take our breakfast
my heart dup2
judges session start at 9.00am

our lecturer come
and he just take a glance to my booth
and then he start asking question
and then he start condemn our project
and he never give some spirit to our team
but its ok
we come with our own spirit

got information need to register on9
omg so cuakz
go quickly reg
coz judges session will start soon

2 judges come to our booth and see the number
then ask,where are the others
i said "toilet"
n they said 'ur group start first present'

our presentation start
i introduce myself and then straight away talk about my project
i try attracted their attention
unfortunately one of the judges tend to talk in malay
while one of them approached us in english
the situation become twisted when one of them target Acab
and the leader one target me
Alhamdulillah,all the question given by her
i can answer all without hesitation

our presentation done
im so glad
but at the same time im afraid
there is another judges will come

judges session and booth exhibition
so bored~~~
i just watched korean film
while waiting some people come
and said "what is this????"
so bored~~~

[ Raza with our judges ]

[ after presentation..lega!!! ]

[ jiran UTP,UiTM Sri Iskandar ]

[ jalan2 pusing exhibiton ]

[ awek UNIMAP..sape name?? ]

[ suasana exhibition ]

photo session before go back to hostel
rudy once again help us
carry us back to hostel
gladly her block is near to our block
but then she is so kind :)

bored and i start played DOTA
but then after 45 minutes,the application crashed

go to sleep
wake at 8.00++pm
take bath
then get ready for our dinner

while watch crow zero 2
im so tired
the presentation itself
took 80% of my energy

to be continue.....

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