#98 3 days in a row

last thursday i become the first presenter
omg i was really make me panic
i try and try to be calm
but unfortunately i was not
so my presentation is obviously crash
but still i had done my best

so then i went to see our mantan PM
dr Mahathir with his talk,vision beyond 2020
what im gonna conclude about his talk
he is awesome at his age rite now
still im respect him the most

yesterday i got two test in a row
i got shocked in early morning
my frend said i got replacement test on the evening
what da...
of coz im not prepared
but still it better than i got zero
then in the nite
done 1 more test
but still also it an open note
i cant do anything

today is saturday
and it really an useless day for me
i just sleep
and sleep
and sleep
and sleep
till i take my lunch
inside my dream
what da???

lets continue sleep
mana tau tiba2 leh beriadah dlm dream


:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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