#86 i laugh outside,i cry inside

anyone got fb account right?
and sometimes the status is really2 lovely
and a lots of idiom used to show
how we feel rite now

what the matter with this title?
am i too "jiwang"?

sometimes people get upset
but no one knows
who can satisfied ourselves?
is it our friend?
our boy/girl friend?
or our family?

no no no
of course the only one is ourselves
but for me
yeah im cheerful person
just im not satisfied?
how far i contribute to my friends?
i dont have anything
i dont have anything
i dont have anything

i have 0% contribution to my friends
its really make me upset

how about i cry inside
obviously because im jealous
when see couple around me
i remember to my first luv
if she still alive...........
i dont know how happy i am rite now

but its ok
all of us have our happiness and sadness
and its normal
but we can change it
coz we r the one who can change the world

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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