#78 ENVEX final part : i'm so glad

4 April 2010,Sunday

wake up
take my bath
packing my cloth
prepare for final day

still in room
call rudy for emergency
dont have transport to go to the hall

depart to exhibition hall
with rudy's car

reach at hall
[ before going to the booth ]
prepare our booth
take our breakfast
[ 1MALAYSIA spirit ]
then continue for free exhibiton

[ take some boring picture ]
as always~~~

everybody busy
preparation for closing ceremony
[ so simple preparation rite :P ]
but me..
im busy watching scary,horror korean muvi
hehe for my thought
i think i dont win anything

my stomach aches
[ cover my stomach while taking pic :) ]
damn it
the only toilet there is full alredy
so i cant attend closing ceremony
and just stay at booth

closing ceremony start
our vvip is deputy minister of whateve..
after talk n speech
prize giving ceremony begin
start with bronze medal
our team name doesnt come out
so with frust mode
i go sit back at my chair
and then silver medal i heard acab name come out
[ Acab with our silver medal ]
and i tear happily
our workload had been paid
my senior from UNIMAP doesnt stop congratz me
tq all
we won silver medal
and it more than worth
as results
UTP won 2 gold,3 silver and 1 bronze
and 1 best performance award.
congratulationz to all ENVEX participants

our transit has comes
so prepare to clear up our booth
people bz with picture taking
but im busying to pack faster
so that we can go back early

we go back to the hostel
to take our things
and check out
and immediately go back to UTP

officially depart from UNIMAP
after saying goodbye to rudy
in journey
im just sleeping of tiredness

we reach at UTP
im so happy coz im just think of my bed n my blanket
enough of ENVEX,i need to think of EDX then
so tired this course
but then
it still worth


:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


projek edx ke ni?
congratz kamil


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