#80 the simulation of ghost,youtube and ICON

adi,sapik and i
go to block 5 level 2 room 13
at 8.20am
to finish our group assigment
of PPD using an ICON software

we walked to go there
and otw, we discuss about ghost
yeah hell yeah
im so scared but i tend to talk a lot about that
and when we reach at dark part
my body will shimmy :P

and adi said no one brave enough to walk there
at the forest of the center of academy pentagon block
but to reduce our scareness
im just reply
we're level 1
they level 26
of coz we need to be afraid

the question is just as simple as ABCXYZ
but the answer is just as complicated as me
so to answer that
we just used the data in internet
and a lot of assumptions
and a lot of comedy to reduce our tension

by watching youtube
haha,academy block can watch youtube
so we open some MV at first
because the block is so empty and silent
so scared~~~~
and at last everyone open their own channel

and for me,i more interact
to watch pro plays in tournament
of DOta and WoW
after finish my PFD drawing
i focused on video that adi opened
and seriously
what the hell that man talking about?

but still it is really funny
and "flip"
lamp goes out
at 12am
and our project still otw
faster and faster
we had able to finish b4 2.00am

coz im always push my team
im hungry
the room is so hot
my stomach sing a song

after that we went to SELASIH
to take our late,late dinner
gladly im not the one who hungry

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


dah berapa kali aku redah belantara kat tengah2 tu. penghisap darah banyak la jugak...


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