#81 seriously..do i care???

currently this is my life status rite now
do i care???
about what??
lets go to discussion part

rite now im busying myself
by playing the most popular MMORPG
in the world
World Of Warcraft
am i addicted???

i still have my life
but somehow people said
"ala jom la men dota,bila2 leh men wow"
"oh pasni xkuar bilik la ko"
"i dont want to be addicted"
"hish aku mana la reti men bnda ni"

so do i care??
of course im not
people can say anything
but for me
what i want to do,i did really well
what i will gain
its nothing but at least a little experiences

and for me
im not addicted
and i also dont run out from my life schedule
just want to spent some valuable time with my frends
before go to intern next sem

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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