#95 today is the greatest monday ever

i woke up at morning
remember my membe ask for futsal
but everyone is sleeping
so i followed them

at 8 am i woke up again
wanna do my task
a lot
PCS slide
Lab slide
Lab compiler

i spent whole day doing that thing
but still rite now
PCS slide doesnt done yet

but i need to rehearse for lab presentation tomorow
and today first time i went to FAMILY restaurant
driven by ahseng
and the rating i will give is 4.3/5.0

and today
first time play futsal at 5.00pm
basically if i went at 5.30pm
it will start at 6.00pm

btw tonite we go to Al-Quds to eat
our beloved nasi lemak there
although need to wait for 1 and more hour
but still it worth me a lot

rite now focus on finishing
slide PCS
hope can be done by tonite
hope so

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


nak ajak sape ek pi men futsal...bosan la.


awat kena tunggu lama sangat tu?


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