#100 my sources of happiness

my teachers said
in this world
everyone is laughing
include me of coz
and it is one of good habit
for humankind
what i want to tell here
for my 100th post anniversary
who are my sources of happiness lately???

bcoz i dont have pic
it is just a list :)

  1. my parents
  2. my first luv
  3. my siblings
  4. my pet @ comot
  5. myself
  6. my friends
  7. my games
  8. manga
  9. my cartoon
  10. anyone???
here is my list
without i realize it
there only 9 type of sources that i got
so little
but it worth
really worth

lets finish this year happily

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


pergh dah 100


tq..huhu,im the writer of the day


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