#106 finally somebody want me

haha its not about love affair
its about my internship
as MARA scholarship student
i found its so hard to get intern
at OPU company
and the bias is really make me headache
i need to find other OPU company

and luckily
yesterday i got offer from J&J Sdn Bhd company
thank god
actually i got 1 more choice
at pasir gudang
but people said life cost really high
and actually i dont have lisence
thats the thing im really worried rite now

but its ok
during internship if i got free time
i will go take my lisence
hope so
owh yea officially i intern at KL
so lets hang out during weekend :)

about somebody want me???
lets it be a s e c r e t
im a shy person :P

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


alhamdulillah. setel juga akhirnya. :)


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