#91 what a lousy day 2

i followed z to eat outside after jumaat
with baha together 3 of us go to batu gajah
during journey we decide to go to marybrown

searching for parking
is really hard
especially that shop is at high jam road
what da..

so turn around
turn around
we found somewhere near to park
so i tried and played with parking machine

so we walked to the shop
and order
what da...
it is really expensive
the thing i confused is
6.59 + 2.60 = 10.20???
what da...

ada gak aku mintak bankrap kedai ni
the best thing always happened when we upset
baha accidentally go to one of cloth shop
he said want to look for a bag
and then i saw one beautiful lady
sit while reading a novel

she is so beautiful
but then coz im too shy
i only take one glance n walk out from the shop
i dont want to look again
but still she really beautiful

of coz..life is too short
where as will i see
such a beautiful ladies
in my own life
thank God

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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