#87 i tried to calm but..

yesterday is very tough day
coz i got ETP presentation
actually the presentation is really simple
but its depends on the judges
like my sv said,oral presentation depend on luck
if u r lucky enough,u win
if not,u r unlucky

enough with that
yesterday im so emotional
at evening,i ask my friends play futsal
some of them replied me
some of them doesnt really
what the hell happened is
i want to play at 8
coz im afraid the court is full

when i done and want to go
no one change their cloth
and i keep waiting n waiting
this type of people
if dont want to go
just said
i went to play alone

if i cant control my angry
i just throw the ball on their head :P
but still when im angry
i try to "selawat" alot
and it help me to calm down

however bcoz still im not perfect
im just go alone and leave all my friends
lucky there are some of my PE friends played
and i joined them

the problem is with this people
if we said 8.00
they come at 8.30
or if they are true malay
they come at 9.00
im tired to deal with this type of people

next time i will never ask them anymore
and if they can become a jerk
why not me?
so that they know
how jerk i can be :)
i tried to calm
but still,im just a normal person

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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