#85 shut up people..i am tired..

this is not an emo entry
just people arguing with me
"lets enjoy our life"

but for me
"lets appreciate our life"

if we used simple example
70 year compare to long lasting
which one is longer?

of course long lasting
similarly to our life
the oldest age can we go is about 60-70
and after we died
we need to live in the graveyard
till doomsday come
but when?
only ALLAH know when it is

im not a strong-religious person
but lets appreciate our live
enjoy can,but still there is limit to it
at least,when we want to do something prohibited
just think
when we will die?

if we die when doing that such thing
we can never go back in time
that why for me
i used to at least
didnt leave pray everyday
hope so

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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