#94 i wish i can see her again

who is her?
just someone that i dont know
and will never know
coz i want to know
but the thing is,how to know her
she never knows me
how can we know each other
lets just skip this part

yesterday i play futsal
but suddenly the rain is pouring
all my housemate runaway
but still i want to play more
so i play during the rain
and the result i got fever

omg my head is really heavy
i cant think of anything
then my friends invite to go
for simple outing at Batu Gajah
owh..this is a chance
to see her again

so i follow them
and when reach at Shell
i got shocked
there is a pretty lady at that counter
luckily this car is straight to the counter
the best thing is
my fever is gone

she is my cure
omg,im so lucky i have been in that car
at that time
but my focus is at batu gajah
so then we cont our journey
and when reach near that shop

the shop is closed
demit..haha..but still my fever is cured
thank you to the lady back there
so focus on searching the ball
still dont get it
we go to TF mart wateve at BG

i dont buy anything
just take a few photo
and make people around think
"is this boy is crazy????"

then we went to nasi lemak ayam golek
once again unfortunately
ayam golek is out-of-stock
so just eat a simple dish
then went back to UTP

dont know how to conclude that day
lucky or unlucky?

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


nth ape2

bile exam?


lmbat agi final exam ma...


tu la mus
pndang dh la
gatal tgn tu


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