#82 small little thing..but it still worth my time...

last night i dream of my primary school
and after a long time
i see "her" again
OMG,im so happy and at the same time
i felt i wanna cry
i miss her so much
and currently due to my busyness
i tend to forget her by the time passed by

who is her???
just my first luv
who never exist in this world anymore

argh,i just a dreamt
but at least i can see her in my own dream
maybe everyne think it is just a small little thingy
but for me,im so glad coz i dont have a piece of her picture
so sad..so unlucky...
hopefully she happy there

owh last nite i went to TTS show
teater bangsawan,tuah hang jebat
why the tittle tuah hang jebat
i though they will change the current plot story of hang tuah
but with upset mind,they are no change at all
but seriously TTS is doing so,so,so great
congratz TTS team
do ur best in the next performance,INSYAALLAH...

so geez
lets go to the class again
back to the academy schedule

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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