#105 past, present and future

situation in the past:-
i hate her
i dont want to see her
yet im still miss her
and yet i want to see her
it really painful
coz it was one sided only
and it always be liked that
can i have
some sort of what it called it

situation during present:-
before this
she gives me courage for PCS
and now during last presentation
im stand on my own
and i know how the feeling was
it is totally different
but then u know how i suddenly become energetic
coz during my presentation
i can see her sit in that class
is that ghost???
nvm it is over

situation in the future:-
physiologically said
no one know what happened in the future
but yet just now
i have met some guy [ im not gay ]
in my dream and asked me
if i give u a gf rite now,what will u do???
i answer that, i will luv her
he asked me again, r u sure u will luv her
or it just to fullfill your heart desire?
i start to numb and answer
can u give me my first luv again?
and then he said, no one can escape from death
either you or anyone else
if u ever luv someone truly
ask her to marry you
not to become your lover
because the true love is never exist between human
it is just desire or in malay word, nafsu
and i ask him again
what i know was
good girl is for good boy and bad girl is for bad boy
and he said its true
but dont be afraid
if u r still alive,u still got chance to change urself
become a good boy
i suddenly feel so sad and woke up
what a tough dream
yet i dont know what happened to me in the future

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kamil.aku macm nmpak balik intern nnti dah ada sorng batch kita kawin ~~~


laju je man ni kalau bab2 macam ni...


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