#114 imaginary world can only be imagined

due to some stiffness
and sleepy thought
i came with 1 opinion
what r u imagined,
is it from ur heart
or just from ur thought?

children, we said that they are so pure
but back then when i was a children
i can see my sister fight
my parents fight
and all the bad thing
and i think this is the thing i will face later on

what i was imagined when i was a child
the funny thing is
i want a younger sister
seyesly at that time i felt so lonely
being a youngest of 12 siblings
simply to say it is the best
but hard to say, i felt alone all the time
i felt jealous to someone that got
younger brother and sistah

but up to now
i dont know how much
younger sister i got
just adopt one not a real one

and sometime when i got punished to much
i start to imagine
is that i belong to this family
have u ever imagined this???
but as the time running and i become thoughtful enough
being an adult is not easy as u can see when u r still small

how about u imagined u got some extra power
haha this is funny
back then when i was a child
one nite i felt i am floating
i thought i got super power
but the truth is
i got disturbed by some unwanted thing
and to avoid the same thing happened
i slept on the bed with been gated by Suratul Yassin
and got a "pusaka" stuff under my pillow

but today children mentality is damaging a lot
what can i say
the world rite now is too open
how come 8 years old kids
know already about sex stuff
thats why im scared of being married
and having a child

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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