#57 i'm craving for improvement and what i got,a damper-bumper frustated

yesterday i got TP test 2
before this i only got 1/3 of 100%
so i wish i can increase my mark
coz my lecturer said
"what used of make markup test,if test 2 u also cant do it"

although my spirit burn up
but my body as usual is so lazy
and finally i started study at 9am
test at 5.30pm

i did the question about annulus
again n again
until i understand and know where my mistakes
and try to correct it
while watching Futurama

but it the end
im just laid down on my frends
so test tp
once again i cant do it right
but hope more than 1/3 this time
hope so

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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