#66 this week..its start with today

monday: class yg pack..hope xpengsan tgh jln sude
tuesday: viva voice + lab ke 4 cpdc
wednesday: etp seminar 4 + test COMSOL
thursday: last preparation + test PPD
friday: test CPDC + departure from UTP to UNIMAP,perlis
saturday: presentation Project ETP
sunday: departure to UTP..leh rest ke?

pastu coming next week
getting busier and busier
can i faced all of this
mulakan arimu dgn Bismillah
akhiri arimu dgn ~Amin~

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


monday*clz smpai mlm.
esaimen byk tp bile nak start wat xtau...aihhhhhhhhhh


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