#43 the feeling about it

we human
have a feeling rite
thats why human is not perfect
but its the best creature in the world

how do u feel when u will be ignored??

i always be ignored by my frends
but its ok
since im always alone

1st situation:
u makes a joke
and u frends ignore it
no one laugh
how do u feel?

2nd situation:
u sent ur CV to some company
ur frend got reply
while u r not
how do u feel?

3rd situation:
u always go out with ur frends
but now u realize
he/she never invite u again
why it happened?
how do u feel?

4th situation:
u have someone u admired
and u try to approach her/him
but it the end
u just be ignored like a statue
how do u feel?

for all situation above
im sure u can feel the same way
the feeling of being ignored by people

am i ignorant person?
i dont know
if my frends said so
so maybe its true

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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