#36 now i know...

what i know

the feeling of missing
someone i really miss
it aches

is it hurt?
not really

but then
i become really don't care
about my surrounding

what is lecturer taught in front
what is my frends talked about

why im so down today
coz i never got chance to see her today
maybe Allah read my blog
and him,show me the truth

if it so
if its not

haha wateve
im just a loser
big,fat loser :P

owh yea
jom gi tgk ni....
i never miss TTS performance
wateve test or anything happen
i wanna,wanna go there*serious tone*
sape2 temankan ek

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


jom tgk teater,ak tak pernah lg tgk sepanjang hayat ak,hak3


jom nuar
amik aku dl kat v3


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