#4 work in progress

duranian is a good boy*puji diri sendiri*
so today nak focus siapkan seme keje
jadi tomorow leh la rileks je
i hope so~~~

about my PCS presentation
i'm already give up last week
it will only get me tired if i think about it
but still i need some exercise on it*bluffing*

about my ETP group
nice work guys
although we faced some problem
we still stand as a team
high appreciation to acab as a leader*walao!!!!*

about my assignment
tiru je boleh x
nnti aku stdy balik
my ustaz had said to me
meniru ada pros and con die
so pndai2 la kite membezakan*yippeee*

so today nak focus pada ETP progress
i want to go to GENEVA*-_-*
i hope so..hehe

actually im very sad last night
and the sadness still in me this morning
hope Allah will make me feel happy today
hope so~~

*if a girl like Eba-chan smile to me like this,i'm the happiest person in the world*

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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