#56 i started to look around and think,when am i growing??

i had been grow up
to became me rite now

yeah people at my age
start to think about works
and marriage while i just think
can i become a child again

when i asked the kids
do u want to be like us
they said,yes they are..
bcoz they think life as adult
everything is freedom
nope it sucks

i want to become a mature
last nite
my sis said im cute(is it true???)
of coz la not
she said i can have someone
but literally speaking
after i got work

haha so i need to wait 10year more
and at that time
i think i want to be like i am rite now
hope it never be like that
coz im enjoying my life

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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