#46 cuakz

this post i write it after i play O2jam
owh i like music
but i dont have talent
so i tend to play game like this
to get the feel of playing piano
so fun!!!!

owh yeah
during my TP tutorial this morning
my frends got a rejected offer for their internship
and me?
i got nothing yet
waaa cuakz nye
for me,better they crush my hope
than giving me 0% hope

owh yea
some fun happened in the same time
everyone know Lady Ga-go rite
it becomes a big issues :P

in the same time
i read the news about our lated UTP frends
who got into accident
hope Allah save them-amin-
dont forget to help our muslim relatives
they r in needs rite now

and one embrassed tragedy happened
bcoz everyone spread out the FB link of that "lady"
i tend to read my frend's blog
and one of the blog,the post all is a simple,humor blog
and one of them,is a self-photo blog..cute and fotogenic lady
so i sent the pic of my frend that hold Patrick*spongebob*
and i write "cun x?","the pink one"
when he opened the link
the GA is behind him
and pop,the pic come out

hahaha everyone laughing include that GA
i dont do anything wrong rite?
it just his timing is wrong :P
the morale here
dont play2 inside COMSOL lab

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


lol,sapekah yg kantoi itu,hak3


lady gago..kaman2..lady gago..haha


sape mkn cili
die yang kantoi


amin xhbis2 dgn lady gago
kan die add FB ko baru tahu


nasib baik gambar awek cun. kalau lady gago, bukankah lagi memalukan? :P


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