#32 the amazing sunday

today is SUNday
but actually
today is little bit cold
start from subuh-raining
middle day-less hot
and during evening-breezy
so lucky

and the amazing part
i can finally play futsal
after more than weeks
so glad

although always play foul
but we plays with fun
not serius*kadang2 ada yg men seyes*

today gak ade match EPL

my frends want to go
i dont know
going or not
still thinking

it will be a secret
so decide!!!
dont want to go

*so she finally reach at UTP safely,so glad*

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


M.U vs liverpool.sure mapley penuh nti.


kalau ko sokong Liverpool, pergi je.. kalau sebaliknya, ko xpayh pergi.. buat mnyibuk je...haha


of coz la mapley penuh
super sunday kot


asl ko anti ManUtd ni lukman
aku xsokong sape2


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