#39 a piece of heart

amaran : pos ni terlalu jiwang..maybe leh pengsan..sila tutup blog ni cpt2 kalau xnak pengsan..tq

owh last nite
maybe the saddest thing in my life happen
dont want to say anything

tq to z fauzan
we had shared a lot of secret together
and he also had calm me last nite
tq my frend

i dont cry ek
dont thing im too weak*although i am*
just in my imaginary world
i had to let her go
but not in my heart

i think this is first time
i had luv someone like this
and this is the first time
i luv someone while i can forget about my first luv

haha but Allah always fair to his slaves
maybe she is not for me
maybe she is for me
just rite now
i need to do what i must do

im annoying person
bcoz my life too empty
and im always feel alone
then i tend to talk a lot
but in the end
im just annoying

and it makes people around me stress
for me im so bad
making people stress
i just want people laughing
maybe my approached is wrong

am i stress
of coz i am
haha kalau x mana dtg migrain ni
but she had coloured my life
although just in short time
im very happy
just to have the opportunity
to know her and luv her from inside

when i stress and sad
i tend to eat a lot
i tend to sleep a lot
but alhamdulillah
i can control that

dont worry la
i got a lot of supportive frends
maybe in short time
i can just forget her

to end this entry
i just want to restate
this is the first time
i luv someone that much
maybe u can vomit
but its true

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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