#34 students hate mondays

like others
i also hate mondays
for me as anak jati Pahang
every school start on Monday

Monday is the day
we want to collect back the study mood
when we throw away during last friday
but still it very hard

and when we got a long break
monday is the new beginning
after the break
and the recovery took
as much as how many days we spent
for hols

my motive???
today got class from 8-1,2-4
so pack >_<"
and still im not ready

owh but its ok
since i will
see her at 12pm today
where...from a far away
so my perfect month will start again too

ManUtd 2-1 Liverpool
congratz MU fans..
for Liverpool,try again later

for PCS presenters
good luck
sahut la cabaran Dr Sumanti
to got more than B

it was 3.40am
and i just wake up to eat
my dinner--roti telur
lets make it my breakfast
or sahur,so i can fast tomorrow
lets go to MonDay class

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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