#52 the rain doesn't want to stop pouring...

owh hujan
ku benar2 bahagia
sbb ko la rahmat dari ALLAH
pada bumi Tronoh ni

tapi simbolik mu
tetap mempunyai maksud tersirat
yeah it shows the sad feeling of someone
and im too
being sad

first i need to present for my ETP project
seriously im a bad presenter
i dont know
where i need to find the courage
to succeed my team

then i dont know what happened
but it seems like a miscommunication happen
dont hate me
coz no one luv me
if nhate>>nluv
what person am i looks like??

moreover i need to finish up
a lot of task this week
stress??a little bit
but still to become matured
i need to encounter this

congratz to FAIZ FUDZAILI
sbb berjaya turun gelanggang futsal
play with us
next time,join again yea

i hope the rain will never stop pouring tonite
coz i need it as my sweet blanket
for my sleep
hope so >_<"

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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