#15 nothing will be changed

actually my holiday start today
but my driver want to go back at saturday
so 7 hour later
i will depart from UTP to my beloved hometown

my roomie didn't go back
so who feel bored,feel free to come to my room

holidays..the thing i want to do are :
  1. learn back all the subjects taken this sem.
  2. help my mother n father
  3. sent my cover letter to everywhere
  4. others

actually i dont have any fun plan for this holiday
until she said she want to go to Zoo Negara
i never go to that place yet
i insist to follow her
but directly get rejected*for some reason :p*

then my holiday end up like another holiday
after and after
so that nothing will be changed

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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