#45 opinion

sometimes when i opened up my FB
i tend to look at couples FB
ala u know rite when people write there
"in a relationship with"
and added their couple's name

i want to see
how much happy there are
as a couple

sometimes we can see that
their feeling towards their couples
is true,really pure
but as an experiences person :P
a lot of them
just want to have someone

yeah its true
before this
when i lost my first luv
i want to have someone
so that i can forget her
but in the end
i hurt that someone
i hurt myself
i hurt everything
is it worth??

and some people
want to couple
just it becomes a need rite now
r u idiot?
then we can see
a lot of new baby scattered around
the rubbish,river and dustbin
is it the needs that u want?

for me
if in messenger
i can talk a lot
but in front
just to face her face
i tend to run away
haha so loser
so only my first luv
i can fight with her
i can be with her
i always besides her
thats why although she already gone
the memories
still with me
-al fatihah-

my opinion
if u want just to play around
with girl/boy feeling
just use anime characters
but if u had this serious feeling
like myself rite now
pour it,and dont ever regret it
coz it is serious
and its hard to have it
if u get,u r lucky person and appreciate it
if dont,dont be upset,coz someone out there for u

dont be like me
a bigger loser
coz i never said it
but im already give up
and it makes me very sad
of missing her,my first luv

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


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