#62 my back in pain..the result of sudden active in the night..

last nite i went to play basketball
after 1 year or more
and i am noob >_<

i had done a lot of foul
i had played a lot of foul
everything is foul for me
but we had fun

the thing is my heart started in pain again
and it makes me almost faint
so i took rest and stop play
and i tried play slowly by play shooting ball

however after back to my room
i had to climb 120 staircase
and the results is
my back then in pain
until now
this munink
what the heck

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


slmt bermain slps bersara....hahaha


ptg ni men futsal lak
biar pth riok seme


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