#33 if that the cases.....

since mus brought car to UTP
i always back home and UTP with him
the fact is
i always reach at home safely

last week
some problem occur
when we reach at Bandar Baru Temerloh
the front mirror scattered
glad there is tinted plastic
but the bad is
we cant see anything

luckily,sat*not a real name*
used to drive that car at that time
and with calm mind
he drive slowly find the mechanic
and we found one

the process to replace took 2 hours
so we have to
look around that town
free tour at emergency time

and my mom always call
but i need to ignore it
my sis text me
but still i need to ignore it
to make them less worried
by thinking im slept

and then the hours become late
so i just replied
im overslept :P

and when the car reach at Kuantan
then i simply text something happened
but im already at Kuantan

if something happened to you
if that the cases....
i thought i need to solve it first
before tell my parents
how about you???

:: membebel :: melatah :: mengadaptasikan ::


well, tengok keadaan gak la. kan2?


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